Thursday, March 6


Daddy's late this morning, Molly.  His truck slid into a snow bank, but it's okay.  He's okay. "Oh, no mummy!  That's not good!"

With a sweet grin, walks up to me (as I'm sitting on the floor), grabs my cheeks, and says "scrubby, scrubby, scrubby!"  (I have no idea, I'm imagining she means to say "chubby", but where did she learn this?!)

After playing with her dolls, stands up and strongly says "mummy, I'm soo hungry!" (it's 30 minutes after dinner).

The stand mixer starts, I hear the pitter-patter of little feet coming up behind me.  She grabs a chair, pushes it next to me and says "I can help!"  Then yells, quite loud actually, "Daddy, I helpin' mummy!"

Molly! How was your day at Diane's?  "It was good.  I pushed Brianna."

"Mummy, you read my baby book?!"  (It's the day she was born, in a photo book) "Aww, that baby's so cute!"

Quinton, Noah and Molly are playing.  Quinton takes a toy from Noah.  Noah begins to cry and shout "uh uh!"  Molly, in a voice so stern, I never knew:  "Quiwntin, give. that. back!"

I give her a hug before I leave for work.  "I luv you sooo much, mummy, luv you soo much!"


Sharing all my Molly moments in this space, so I might not forget a single one ;)


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