Tuesday, June 17

Our Little Seed, Week 7

I saved this blog post from week 7, and I just have to share, because now that the sickness is improving, it's so funny to relive it!  Can you believe I'm closing in on 18 weeks already?!  Sheesh.

Week 7.
Oh, you sweet baby.  I do thank God everyday that you're in there, developing and growing like crazy.  Unfortunately, I don't get too much time to think of you, particularly.  That's because I'm frantically searching and questioning every person I can think of about the possible treatments of morning sickness.  It's terribly named in our case, because it lasts ALL day.   The entire day.  I find myself waking through the night just to feel the nausea and sometimes, to dry heave.  So I guess it lasts all night too.  I was just wondering which time of the day is worst, and I can't decide.  They're all pretty bad.  When I'm working, I look back through my schedule and wonder how in the world I did it.  A minute feels like an hour at work.  And I've really had my share of smelly patients this week, too - making it so much worse.

But Molly is a total star, she doesn't show any sign of Mommy-neglect yet, despite my deepest efforts and subsequent failures to lift my head off the pillow while I'm home.  I haven't cooked a meal in days.  Daddy has pretty much been a single parent.  Yet she runs and gives me the biggest hug she can the second she sees me.  And says "you feel good, mummy?!" in the sweetest voice.  Then "the baby growing, Mummy?! The baby will get sooo big!"  She's about to become the best big sister.

Oh, and I can't stand the smell of anything- the air fresheners I picked out, the refrigerator, our sheets and towels, my clothes, and especially my car.  Everything makes me gag.  So I'm officially a mouth breather, at least for the next several weeks.

And I'm the worst eater ever these days- nothing sounds good, and then all of a sudden, I think of something and have to go get it as quick as possible!  Today, it's a Friday during Lent, and I had to have a BLT wrap from Sheetz with barbeque sauce and white cheddar popcorn.  As you can see, I'm slowing expanding in size each day.  And I am so excited to eat it, it tastes so good while I'm eating it, and then I feel horrible about fifteen minutes after.  Vicious cycle, I tell you.  Vicious.

But when all is said and done, and I'm home laying on the couch like a sloth because I don't have energy to lift my head, or when I have to pep talk myself through a brushing my teeth (using only Molly's kids toothpaste at this point) without gagging, or as I'm cleaning the toilet after yet another breakfast lost, I'm so very thankful that I'm getting this chance to be your Mommy.  God has entrusted me with another sweet child, and I could not be more grateful.   So please don't feel that me cursing the nausea has anything to do with you.  I'm just frustrated that I'm one of the lucky 50% of women that experience "morning sickness".   I'm forever glad that you're in there, little seed :)