Sunday, August 1

Exploring the Endless Mountains

We spent a day exploring World's End State Park and the Historic Town of Forksville, PA.

A view from the Canyon Vista- the Loyalsock Creek below.

Jesse enjoying the big rocks and the Loyalsock Creek.

This is one of the oldest Covered Bridges in America, built in 1850 in Forksville, PA.

Jesse's Eye Injury

Just as luck would have it, Jesse sustained a pretty nice laceration to his eye the night before our big move. So instead of tying up loose ends, we spent the night in the ER, and six stiches later...

a shot from the ER.. a rapidly swelling eyelid

Some of its healing: a very hairy Jesse.

Bob and Sandy Hetrick's Golden Anniversary!

Jesse's grandparents Bob and Sandy Hetrick celebrated 50 years of wedded bliss on July 28. We celebrated with a wonderful lunch and very popular open house at the Beechwood's Golf Course! We were all so proud to be there to celebrate this amazing accomplishment!

Some family snapshots...

First row: Bob and Sandy Hetrick, Great Grandpa Crawford, and second row: their children: Kathy, Karen, Ken, and Kay.

The Vivian Family: from the left is Zayden, Jen, Kathy, Stacie, Warren, Jesse, Lisa.
The Rose clan: from left is Kay, Michael, Robert, Stephen, Kate and Dave.

The Ken Hetrick family, from left Ken, Terry, Courtney, Zach (Courtney's boyfriend), Chad, Cory and his fiance Jessie.

The Mowrey Family photo.
The Hetrick family photo.

The Crawfords.

Stacie and Zayden in the midst of a silly moment--on the floor!

A New Chapter

We have begun a new chapter in our married life, a bit against our wishes, but not without love, hope, and faith. Lisa began her first job as a Physician Assistant with Guthrie Clinic's Outpatient Primary Care Clinic in Dushore, PA. If we thought Brockway was rural, we didn't know rural--until now. The area is known as the "Endless Mountains", and is not quite up to date, technologically. Well, we settled in a log cabin chalet on Beaver Lake, and though it may sound wonderful, it came with it's own challenges! Thankfully, we ended up being the last road in our neighborhood to get high speed internet, since none of this area has cable yet! And after countless hours of cleaning and painting, a few new appliances, and a lot of TLC, the place is becoming our own (visitors are always welcome, and encouraged)!! And yes, we did purchase our first car together-a Ford Edge!

The first two photos represent a "before and after" of our kitchen- we had to do something about that orange wallpaper!

We're trying to get used to all the wood--I think it's easier for Jesse.. but it's cozy. I'm excited to decorate for the winter!

And on my way to work one morning.. there were 22 in total!