Tuesday, September 27

Molly's Baptism
September 18, 2011

Molly Lucille was baptized at Saint Michael's Parish in Dubois, PA on Sunday, September 18, 2011 by Father David Foradori.  Judy and Sam Perrin stood for her as her Godparents.  Family and friends gathered to witness Molly's first Sacrament, and we were just so proud of her!  

Molly in her beautiful Baptismal gown borrowed from Sophia Butry!

Jesse, Lisa, Father David with Molly, Judy and Sam Perrin

The Vivian family:  Mark, Betty, Kathy, Stacie, Lisa Blasky, Warren and Lou Vivian

Cousin Quinton and his favorite penguin!

Daddy and Mommy with newly baptized Molly

Erin and Patti Preston were able to come celebrate!

The Himes family:  Larry, Amanda and Rylan, Aunt Renee, Grandma Lori, Father David, Uncle Virg, Judy, Sam and Quinton, Larry and Theresa, Uncle Don Krise, Bryan Delio, Amy Murry and Jocelyn

With Molly's cake

A proud Daddy with Molly