Wednesday, January 21

Two Months


She's two months.  Two months we've had her home with us, and it honestly feels like we've known this little soul forever.  I am forever thankful to God for the chance to raise this sweet little girl. And Molly, the most caring big sister.   While I was pregnant with Kate, I remember telling Jesse this baby was going to be my saving grace.  I was struggling with my career away from home and felt so ready for three solid months home--with my children.   And I think I've been granted more grace than I could have imagined.  And this sweet little girl is changing me, forcing me to grow as a Mommy. Because now I've got two girls, sisters.   It's the most humbling and gratifying experience.  I really can't quite explain it.  But I know we're all in good hands.

I'll be off enjoying this sweet, smiling face.  She's trying so hard to laugh now, so Molly and I will be busy telling many a joke ;)