Monday, February 24

Weekend with Family

I'm just catching up.  This weekend was wonderful, then a whirlwind. 

My sister's children are so close to my heart, it's a love I never could have imagined, but one I thank God for every day.  Watching my sisters grow, deliver, and raise a baby brings so much joy, and when they're in a rough patch, so am I. 

My oldest sister has two boys, Quinton and Noah.  Quinton was scheduled for a routine surgery yesterday at the Children's Hospital about two hours away, the same hospital in which Noah was taken to three days before, then again and admitted just a day prior.  Noah (the sweet littlest cheeser- and yes, that's his "cheese!" face) is being evaluated for a seizure disorder. 

The night of his first seizure, I lay awake reliving it.  Over and over.  His actions, the look on his face, the reaction of his Mommy.  Tears flowed as I felt so concern, so many questions.  So the day we knee he'd have a sedated MRI and EEG, just an hour after his brother had his surgery, I knew there was one place I was supposed to be.  There- with my sister.  Even if I could only sit beside her in the waiting room.  Or "shhh" a crying, angry, afraid baby while swaddled to the table.  So I left my family for the day, and even though I always miss them when I'm away, I knew I was in the right place.  I just can't explain the love I have for these boys, and the empathy for my sister. 

So while we await results.  While we squeeze and kiss a healing child. While we look with sympathetic eyes on those we love so much.  We know we're in the hands of a God that loves us even more.  And in that, I can find some peace.