Wednesday, December 18

A 4th Birthday

Something really magical starts to happen as children get close to the Christmas season- and it's been the best gift to experience.  Between talks of baby Jesus and Santa Claus, we've been helping my sister plan her oldest son's 4th birthday party.  And that's so magical in itself!  That boy was my parent's first grandchild, and we were so excited to meet him.  My sister's a planner, so we knew him as Quinton from 20 weeks in utero.  And after his stressful and emergency cesarean section birth, I think we all have a bond with that baby boy that just can't be shaken.  Even here, at 4 years later, I can feel the energy my brother-in-law had as he drove that baby cart from the OR.  And I can feel the pain my sister felt when he was admitted into the NICU just a few short hours later.  But God is so good.  And Quinton is so healthy.  And I'm full of tears just thinking that this was all four whole years ago.

How do they do it, those little ones?  They grow into amazing little people so, so quickly.  And they form their own unique selves without looking back.  They are confident, joyful, cautious, warm, loving little sponges who can change the month of December for adults into the best month ever- each year better than the last.  And for our little buddy, Quinton, there is no more truth- he is constantly filling our lives with more happiness and joy than I can explain.

Happy 4th birthday, Quinton :)