Tuesday, July 1


The garden is growing!  As are a lot of other things around here... kittens, Molly, the grass, my belly, the laundry pile-  you know.  

I haven't taken pictures of the kittens until now.  We've been trying to slowly train a toddler on gentle strategies for petting a baby animal- phew.  Since they were born, we've told her not to touch them until their eyes opened.  Sure enough, that girl was the first one to realize that had, in fact, opened their eyes.  And seconds later, she was reaching close to get her first feel of them.  So gently, calmly, we've started holding them.  And can you tell- someone's in love?!   These kittens are probably the first real life lesson (other than the time Daddy hit a deer this winter, while Molly rode shotgun in his truck), because we started with a litter of five, and now there are just two.  Dora (mommy cat) was just a year old, and she's a small cat.  The day she had them, I could not believe five fit in her little body!  But we've learned about reality here.  I guess these things come at a young age when animals are around. 

These two cuties are up for grabs- anyone interested?!!

Ice cream night- every night, pretty much.  I've got two "birthday cake" ice cream lovers.  It's not a minute after dinner when I hear her sweet little voice "can I have birday cake, mummy?!  Daddy too?!"  It's a wonder we're all growing so well...

And this big girl, in her new big girl bed, in her new big girl room.  I can't believe it.  I joke that I must have been the only one afraid of this transition, because she loves sleeping alone.  But after months of her in our bed, and interrupted sleep for us all (fists in the face, elbows in the belly, kicks, rolls throughout the night), I think we're all happy with the "big girl room" transition.

Preparation is beginning for my favorite part of the summer, probably my favorite holiday- the Brockway Old Fashioned Fourth.  My favorite people in the world will all be gathered close, with good food, drinks (virgin for this preggo), and the best of times.  We look forward to this weekend all year!

Happy Fourth!!