Monday, December 9

A Christmas Tree Hunt

We've been so excited to have the perfect day, perfect weather for a real Christmas tree hunt after our latest spur-of-the-moment tree find the other weekend.  Of course, when you're tagging along a two year old, plans can go a bit array in just mere seconds.

I had to work Saturday morning (it's just one Saturday a month, but believe me- it's tough after a long week to pull away from your family for even just one more morning), so I was encouraged to have some really good family time with the remaining few hours of daylight.  It was a brisk seventeen degrees, but the sun was out and there was a light, fresh snowfall, so we decided it was perfect tree-pursuing weather.  And after about four minutes outside, I realized we were in need of an accelerated hunt.

But, apparently, when it comes to Christmas trees, I'm picky.

Even though we were appropriately dressed for the weather, Molly's pink little nose and ice cold fingers were enough to free the true toddler.  And after a few minor meltdowns- we found a bridge!  In the middle of the tree farm!  And as luck would have it, that day, our two year old was fascinated with bridges!  So as Daddy and Molly walked up and down that little bridge, I found the perfect little tree.

Only to bring it home and realize that none of our lights worked, and the tree stand wouldn't fit into the galvanized bucket I found in our barn a few months ago.  But either way, we have a sweet little tree, and brought home a pleasant toddler in the process.  And that- considered a success!

As far as the rest of the weekend- I tortured my husband into shopping (aka chasing a two year old around a mall).   And btw, does anyone else's husband say "it hurts me" to walk into a mall?!  We had a twenty minute conversation about the physical pain he was about to endure while entering a mall.  Come on, it's not that bad.  Men, seriously.

Of course, we had to stop by Santa's house in the mall.  Even though Molly decided it wasn't quite the time to visit with Santa, he stopped between children to wave and jingle his bell toward Molly- forcing the sweetest grin I've seen in a while.  We've got two more Santa-ventures in the future, so here's hoping to a warmer approach next time :)

Happy Monday,
I hope it's a good week ahead!