Friday, October 24

Autumn Update

I hate to admit that this pregnancy is taking it's toll on my energy and motivation, but it totally is.  I'm not complaining, because I'm more than thankful for a growing baby inside of me, and I know how important these "bulking up" days are, now that I'm almost 36 weeks along.  But phew.  I'm exhausted.  I blame my job which tends to suck the life out of me, quite honestly.  Either way, I just realized I haven't blogged in a month, and I feel so, so lazy.  And this?  All a collection of iphone photos from the past month - just to remind me that we did, in fact, participate in fall activities this year!

Elk.  One of our favorites is a visit to Elk County for the "elk rut".  As silly as it sounds, it's such an impressive act of nature.  Elk mate in the fall, so the males are in pursuit of a female, putting on a fantastic show of broad antlers and boisterous bugles.  Each year, Jesse insists on finding a less traveled path, so he woke us up before dawn to drive the hour to Elk County, and then picked a "promising" spot in the woods to park the car and set off for a morning hike.  We did hear a bugle not too far off, but didn't manage to see any elk.  On our way toward civilization, we did manage to see a few elk grazing.  Molly was impressed.  I was hungry (I don't skip breakfast well).  I'd still call it a success.

Apple picking.  For sure, growing into one of my favorite fall activities.  We took Quinton along this year, and he just loved it.  He and Molly munched on several apples while we filled our basket, and he was so proud to show them off.  As we were leaving, a farmer friend just happened to be riding on his horse drawn wagon, and offered us a ride.  It was the perfect end to the day (even though the bouncing made me question whether or not it really was fit for a pregnant woman.  I made it out safely, though).  The kids laughed and cheered as the horses pulled us along, and we caught a perfect fall sunset.  Sometimes, I think the less planned activities work out the best.  It really couldn't have been better timing.

Cooper Farm.  It's a must-do in our area.  Each fall, a little pumpkin patch sets up some fall activities, including a hay maze, petting zoo, apple cider, fresh apples, and tractor rides.  The kids love it, as simple as it is.  I can't believe the changes from year to year with these kiddos- Quinton is turning into such a brave young boy, and Molly- do you see her concern for her cousin, Noah?!  Seriously, that girl.   And Noah, well, that boy is always with a smile- seriously.  They finished the morning with a fresh apple in Aunt Judy's brand new car- sorry Judy!

I had to catch this quick drink break while Molly and Noah played- I'm not sure who was thirstier?! 

Daddy insisted on getting a picture at one of our favorite places on our drive home from the farm.  Last year, Molly sat with me.  This year, she ran from me  (and obviously, I couldn't catch her with that belly!)

Belly.  Speaking of?  I hate selfies, but this is my "I'm pretty sure this baby is already 7 pounds" face.  At 35 weeks.  Yikes.

Flu shots.  And we're all up to date on our flu shots, even Molly.  Not a tear was shed by that girl.  And at her 3 year well visit, she insisted she was 4 years old (I don't know where she gets this stuff), and topped the charts at 85th percentile for weight, 100th for height.  The girl has grown two inches this year.  She's an eater, and apparently she's going to take after her Daddy in size ;)

I'm going to try to keep up with our lives, but I imagine the upcoming arrival of baby brother/sister is going to slow me down!  We're so, so excited to meet this baby.  And so thankful for Daniel Tiger (a PBSkids show) for preparing Molly to "meet the baby" with the cutest show about Daniel's new baby sister, Margaret.  I'm off to do some more yoga, in hopes of encouraging labor!