Monday, February 16

Our Valentine's

I've never been a mushy Valentine's Day lover.  But two little girls later, I think I'll always be willing to celebrate a day of love.  And chocolate, of course.

Molly:  41 months.  She's in love with all safari animals, especially lions and zebras.  Actually, the smiles you see above are not by request (surprise!), but because I pretended her little zebra toy was attacking my camera ;) Molly's always looking out for Kate, always reminding me when she needs me (or her, sometimes).  She's been saying "Mommy, you wanna see something so cool?!" just before trying out her new somersault.  She's the best. 

Kate:  nearly 3 months:  the girl smiles when she wants, but always when she wakes up- so glad someone came to save her from that crib!  And always during a diaper change (wet diapers are not her thing).  She's not a great napper, but amazing sleeper at night.  She followers her big sister constantly, and loves looking in the mirror at herself.

And I'm back to work tomorrow.  It's not a subject I've been excited about, but it's here.  This is our life right now, so I'm going to try and make the most of it!

Since Ash Wednesday is THIS WEEK (seriously?!!), I'll be giving up social media again- I might update the blog sometimes, just for our reference, but I'm unplugging instagram and facebook again.  Catch ya'll in 40 days!