Tuesday, February 18

A Weekend Away

We had the busiest, most eventful weekend.  It's always good to remind ourselves why we appreciate our quiet weekends at home ;)

Molly and Noah- this picture actually preceds the weekend, but was a perfect reminder of the time we spent that day during the week with our little buddy.  He wanted to follow Molly everywhere.  And she was so proud to have him as a shadow.  I'm so thankful for cousins and friendship for Molly (even if sometimes it's full of disagreements and lack of sharing), for they'll always have each other!

We took off  Friday for Pittsburgh for the FMCSA certification exam- long acronym, basically the certification I need to perform DOT physicals in light of new regulations.  Not exciting.  However, what was exciting- the hotel!  Complete with a small water park, it made for more fun than we could have imagined.  I forget how adventurous our toddler is until she sets foot in a water park.  That child has her father's spirit- it's unbelievable.  She was fearless.  She loved the water, and kept saying "I can't wait to go on the slide!" each time we left.  It was a nice, warm indoor weekend- a much needed treat amid the freezing temps of February in Pennsylvania.  And the perfect Valentine's Day getaway. (Of course, dinner was a disaster- who knew it could be so difficult to get a two year old to sit for 20 minutes?!  We ordered dessert to go- much more enjoyable.)

My sister's baby shower was a few miles away on Saturday, so after a long morning of swimming, we spent an afternoon celebrating baby Ethan.  Her shower was lovely- Molly's favorite part was, of course, the cake!  Most of my own pregnancy memories are me with a HUGE belly.  My sister, not so- she's a beautiful picture of pregnancy.  A "just right" baby belly.  Pregnancy suits her.  And I'm so, so excited to see this baby she's been growing- only a few short weeks :)

And after a late night visiting with friends and visiting family all day Sunday, I was glad for the calm of Sunday night.

I pray that my family we remember and cherish these times together, myself included, because Molly is growing and changing so quickly, and I know I don't want to miss it- even for a moment.

I hope this week is a great one, we're already covered in another blanket of snow in PA!