Monday, June 2

Our Weekend, and a Baby!

"Mummy, you still have my baby in your belly?"-Molly
"Yep, the baby's growing and growing in there" -Me
"Oh good, mummy, I love my baby- and you love my baby too!" -Molly
"I do, Molly, just like I love you." -Me
"And that's why your belly's sooo big (sticks her belly out as far as she can)"- Molly

I'm going to start with the really good stuff- the baby.   From the very beginning, the baby has been "our baby"- Mommy, Daddy and Molly's baby- but lately, Molly insists the baby is "my baby".   I'm holding strong at 15.5 weeks, and really the most reason I haven't shared the news on here is because I've been overtaken by morning sickness.   Except mine lasts all day.  And the computer, tv, my phone- they make me more sick.  I think it's the movement?  Ugh, it's been a struggle, but a beautiful one.  Because we're turning our sweet Molly into a big sister!   She's so excited.  I hear her calling her babies "baby broder" a lot lately, and reminding them that she's their "big sisder"!  It's just so much more fun this time around, because we're growing a big sister, too!  Thankfully, the sickness is becoming more bearable, and I'm praying in the next couple of weeks, I'll be feeling even better!

We've been keeping as busy as possible lately, since Daddy's been planting corn like a crazy man, and is barely home.  We made it a point to visit him for a picnic lunch on Saturday and Sunday, and of course, we had to stay and "help" with some chores.

But we were able to pull Daddy away for a perfect first year fire with friends!  We roasted mountain pies, hot dogs and enjoyed each other's company.  I love warm days and nights.  Molly was jumping and yelling about her "fire party" all day.  I couldn't stop laughing at the picture of the kids in the wagon- it's just so classic.  My sister's boys are so well behaved and have such great manners- looking right at me with a grin.  And Molly?!  Oh checking out the baby, just to make sure she's alright.  It's the big sister instinct, I tell you, kicking right in.  She loved the outdoor gathering, and we can't wait to have lots more!

So that's it for now, anyway.  I'm not much for belly pictures, but I'll try to document some of this pregnancy, I really don't want to forget it.  That's once I'm feeling even better- and once I can find some clothes to fit around this growing bump!  I will link a post I wrote at 7 weeks, because it's amazingly accurate and just so funny.

Have a great week :)