Thursday, December 5

Thanksgiving Weekend

Because my husband and I both have close-knit, close-lived families, we've always got two separate but wonderful Thanksgiving's lined up- on the same day.  Does anyone else battle two Thanksgiving dinners in one day?!  Phew.  We love the time with our families and of course, the food, but seriously- a fast is almost indicated after the marathon eating.  But I don't think I would change it if I had the choice.  Two big families gathered over a table of delicious food to give thanks- all in one day.  It's a blessing I'm more than happy to share with our little Molly.  And I hope she remembers it.  The warm and inviting atmosphere, the smell of baking food, the heads bowed in thanks before the meal, the joy in voices of people we love so much, the whole thing- I pray she'll always remember it.

We spent a large part of our first Thanksgiving day decorating a gingerbread house- and it always surprises me how well a toddler can handle a "big kid activity".  Molly loved helping her cousins decorate (and taste) the little cookie house, and was so proud of the result.  I was grateful to have my camera handy to capture Jesse's sweet Grandma- Molly adores her, and her instruction was so gentle and illuminating.  I'm always thankful to catch quick, sweet moments like this one.

Molly has recently received 3 kittens, but too much like her Dad, she's an animal lover and has been asking about a puppy for months!  I seriously can't imagine having one right now- we're not home enough, and I'm working too much.  But she sure got her fill of "puppies" this Thanksgiving weekend! She asked me repeatedly to take their picture, so here you go- some beautiful dog photos for the animal lover in us all ;)

And in case you didn't catch my sister's impromptu maternity session, you can head over here to see some more :)  We may have had to practice indoors to get some un-awkward poses outside, but it was worth it!  They're a sweet couple expecting their first little boy in April, and I couldn't be more excited. Babies are my love language :)

It's been a stressful work week over here, and I'm just so thankful to see Thursday arrive.
I'm ready for a weekend of Christmas decorating!