Friday, August 1


TGIF.  Though I'm not quit sure why I'm getting too excited- I work tomorrow!  But it's only until noon, so I can handle it.   And I'll drive past the Hazen Flea Market on the way home, so that's another perk.  Work, work.  Seriously overrated.

On a completely different note, we've got blueberries!   Thus far, we've picked a few sour ones here and there.  These last few days?  Tons!  Blue ones!  Sweet ones!  Molly loves to help pick, and honestly, she's getting pretty good, but the problem lies in her quick eating.  So it'll be her and I- face to face at the blueberry bush.  Who am I kidding?  I just need enough for these muffins and maybe a few for pancakes.  She can have the rest ;)

I think this article hits home, and it's kind of scary at the same time.  I've never considered myself a "creative", but I am familiar with the inability to sit quietly- without a book, without my phone, just alone with my thoughts.  I'm not sure what this holds for our generation, except that I know Albert Einstein was a thinker, and probably had a lot of time alone with his thoughts.  So it's somewhat unsettling...

I got a chuckle out of this article, especially the tip about strep throat.  I'm not kidding, I've seriously treated an identical case.

And I'm growing more and more proud of my ability to make homemade macaroni and cheese.  Why I've ever made it from a box (well obv, the ease)- well I won't make it from a box again!  I used the PW recipe- it was easy, cheesy, and delicious. 

The truth is, earlier that day, I engulfed an entire sandwich from Arby's (seriously, that bread), so I was trying to go carb free for dinner. But when it started raining, and Molly kept napping, the baby was begging me to make it.  So I did.  And it was amazing.  Plus I had it for dinner again yesterday, and it was just as good!  I think my glucose test is coming up in the next few weeks, so I'm about to get serious about carb limiting.  Well, I'm going to try! ;)

Enjoy this weekend, and take some time to think with your own thoughts!

Wednesday, July 30

Wednesday Thoughts

While drinking a cup of coffee in the quiet/dim hour nearing 6am, I managed to eat two blueberry muffins.  All while pa rousing pinterest.  And I didn't even realize it.  I hate that.

I'm going to try one of these dinners- pasta and vegetables and water all in one pot?!  It seems kinda crazy.  But we've harvested two zucchini's, so it seems like a good way to use 'em up!

Not day goes by that my husband and I neglect to talk about our future "jobs"- what do we really want to be?  We still don't know, anyway, but we still use everyday to find it.  Yesterday, I got a text saying "I hear Knoxville has some really beautiful country".  Oh, Jesse.

Molly has suddenly developed some sort of modesty- what?!  I mean it, she asks for "privacy" now when using the potty.  Of course, she's not yet 3, so she can't wipe herself, which means we're close by.  But the thought?!  This young?!  It's kind of said, you know.  "Privacy".  Sheesh.

I posted this amazingly comforting coffee picture, because it's kind of a hint to my husband (who doesn't read my blog), to get me a chemex for my birthday.  I've got a french press- which I use daily at work.  And a regular old drip coffee pot.  But doesn't that Chemex look so dreamy?  I want one. 

I love having Wednesday off, each week.  I'm still deciding if it's the best way, though, with a baby coming.  Should I shorten all the days by a couple of hours instead?  Which is best for a baby and a new big sister toddler?  Do we ever really know?  I think I'll always be robbed by Mom guilt and question my parenting daily, multiple times.  I guess this is normal.

 And Molly will be three- 3! In just a short month.  How this happened I'll never know.  But she'll be three.  Of course, she wants to ride a horsey, eat a pink cake, and wear a dress.  That's it.  I like that about her- no mention of "stuff" (minus the cake, but that doesn't count).  And of course, the dress doesn't have to be fancy.  You should see what she picks out to wear these days!  Oh, that's the other thing- she wants to pick out her own clothes!  And she wants privacy?  Ahh, three is the new thirteen, apparently.

Onto Wednesday, I hope it's a great one!