Monday, August 18

We had some wonderful company this weekend.   All of my sister's boys were here.  Molly was in her glory, let me tell you.  Can you even stand those baby cheeks?  And those sweet big cousin smiles?  We even managed to get them all in a picture together.  Besides a few tears shed over stolen toys and  bumped head or two, we still managed.   Phew. 

We're still having those fall temperatures I've been mentioning, which made for the most beautiful weekend outside.  In perfect form, I even managed to make more Applesauce Muffins, some pumpkin cookies for our church picnic, and this homemade pumpkin spice syrup- which tastes delicious (though I can't seem to manage to reproduce the PSL).  I did read that Starbucks is bringing back the PSL earlier this year- if anyone is headed this way, bring me one, will ya?!

We did catch a glimpse of "big sister Molly" this weekend, with baby Ethan around.  I mean, did you see that beaming big cousin?   She loved covering him with every blanket possible, bringing toys (even some not-so-appropriate ones), and talking to him.   It was mostly good, except for the occasional "put the baby down, I need up" or "I want to swing, put the baby on the ground".   My mom said at one point, she didn't have to go potty until the second she picked up Ethan- "I have to go potty now, NeeNee!"  We'll have some adjusting to do, I see..

I've had several people ask me "what are you going to do if Molly doesn't want the baby to stay?"  Well, I know one thing.  We're keeping the baby.  We'll adjust.  We have to, right?  ;)