Friday, December 27

A Christmas Recap

From house decorating and cookie baking, to grocery store trips and gift wrapping,  it's just so easy to get caught up at Christmas, and forget what really matters.  This year, we joined our church for the annual Christmas caroling at a local nursing home, and I couldn't even sing the first song- my eyes filled with tears as I watched my wild, free spirt toddler stand on her own and stare with wonder as the room of elderly patients filled with lively songs of Christmas.  She mouthed the words to "Jingle Bells", that first song, and erupted in smiles as it ended and applause rang throughout the room.   She was participating, and she was so proud of herself.  
And I stood and stared, as my baby is growing into the sweetest little girl- and it seems as though it's happening too quickly.  But she's brave and happy, kind and thoughtful.  And though she's learning to really hold her own against a toy thief, she loves to make others smile.  I was filled with so many emotions that night.  
And I realized just how important it is to teach children about the joy that can come from small acts of kindness.  And just at that small age of two, she's learning just that.
My nephew is just learning to walk, and as he stood behind his new walking toy this Christmas, she walked along side him saying "you're doing it, Noah!" She's really learning.

Our Christmas was filled with family and smiles.  Molly was blessed with  several babies, and we haven't put them down since.  I love listening to her while she calms and soothes her new babies.  My exact words to her, poured out to her new babies.  I'm  on a mission to be the most kind person I can.

Many friends are home this weekend, and I'm so happy for the time with them, the gift of Christmas, the growth of a two year old, and the excitement of a new year ahead. 

Merry Christmas.