Tuesday, September 2

Birthday Round Up


She's three!  We had her party over the weekend, and though it rained through most of it, we really had the best day.  The theme of this girl's party must've been cake and horses, though I didn't know it before!  Of course, I knew the cake had to be special.  She is a renowned cake lover, after all.   And that cake was a work of art.  Seven layers complete with confetti cake, birthday cake ice cream, and homemade vanilla buttercream.  I'm not sure we've loved any cake more.   It was so huge, but we had not a single slice leftover.  Bittersweet, I suppose ;) 

My mom brought along a few bottles of silly string for the birthday song.  Molly was initially disgusted, but later appreciative of NeeNee's humor.  Jesse immediately nominated her for porch cleaning.

She's been telling us all summer, after our horseback trail ride, she wants to "ride a horsey all by myself".  So we planned to take her and let her ride for her birthday.  Little did we know, she had been telling her Grandmas about this horse-riding dream of hers, as well.  The theme of her gifts was obvious.  She got a pair of cowboy boots (check that reaction), a barbie and horse companion, and a set of horse bed sheets (which she is napping in right now).   I didn't realize how much the girl loved horses- how ridiculous!   Today, she told her Daddy that next year, she wants a REAL horse.  Yikes.

We've got another ice cream gathering planned for tonight -her actual birthday, and I'm sure she'll love it.  The girl has been loved on so much these past few days.    I'm so thankful for all the sweet messages and wishes for Molly's birthday.   We can't believe we have a 3 year old!