Monday, April 29

The Eagle Encounter

Molly and I were driving home one Wednesday afternoon this spring, and look what we found!

I could not believe my eyes, and sadly, the first thought that crossed my mind was "Jesse is never going to be believe this!"  With a little luck, I had my camera along that day, and snapped several photos of this beauty (who appears to be feasting on an unfortunate groundhog).

Molly proudly exclaimed "bird!" repeatedly as Mommy anxiously shared what little knowledge of our nation's symbol I could.  I'm not sure what seeing a bald eagle represents, but I think we've got some things happening this year.

Until our next bird post (which is likely upcoming considering our bird feeders are empty daily, and our annual spring turkey flock has arrived), enjoy!


A white kitchen, finally!

The Vivian house is yearning for spring.   We're running out of projects to do inside the house (I never thought I'd say that)!  This winter, our big project was the kitchen.  When we moved into our house, we  rearranged some of the cabinets and stove/microwave to open the space, but I had dreamed of white cabinets from the moment I layed eyes on this kitchen.  It only took an entire year of begging Jesse to agree, but we have finally painted our cabinets!  This did not come without reservations, however.  We heard plenty of "those are oak!" comments, but I wasn't disheartened.  Oak or not, I wanted them white!

Some before photos:

And of course, our super star helper hard at work!  I think I spent more time chasing her and pulling things out of her mouth than painting, but then there was nap time!

And after, a refreshingly lightened and brightened space!  And I just love it here, mixing and flipping and baking and chasing the toddler.  It feels like a new space- it's so energizing!

I loved the idea of open shelving, so I took a door off the middle cabinet and we added some brackets- I just love the openness- I'm thinking of tearing down some more doors in the near future...

What you may be able to see out of that windows is the flock of turkey that hang out at our bird feeders-  Molly is so accustomed to a strutting gobbler in the yard that she runs by the window, yells "kurkey" and keeps going.  It's been a lot of fun watching them during my morning coffee.  I really hope they'll be back in a few weeks with their babies!

The shades are a diy approach I discovered at a friend's house using a vinyl mini blind, and I couldn't be happier with them.  I think they complete the cottage look I was going for.  The fabric was inspired by these shades at lifeingrace {the most beautiful kitchen}.

Of course, I have a wishlist of updates that I just couldn't get Jesse to agree on- including backsplash and new refridgerator, ripping out that bulkhead and taking the cabinets to the ceiling, new floors, a beverage station/bar and an espresso machine.  Keep posted, maybe one day they'll arrive!
Happy Spring!