Tuesday, December 30


 Sharing some of our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day photos.  It's kind of embarrassing, but I'm barely able to find a chance to catch Kate's little "birthdays" with my iphone camera, let alone get out my real camera for some good pictures.  I'm hoping to adjust to life with two someday...

As you can see, Molly is quite the little charmer.  Or completely unwilling to cooperate.  I'll let you decide.

We had such a nice Christmas.  It's just the best to see family and friends.  I just hate that it seems to all happen at once, and we're always so pressed for time.   Even a few minutes of visiting can lift my spirits, though, so I'm thankful for each short visit.

As you can see, the girls were blessed beyond measure with gifts.  Molly asked for "an Elsa doll that can talk and sing 'Let it Go'" repeatedly.  And now that she's got it, it hasn't stopped talking and singing "Let it Go'.  Yipee!

Christmas Eve mass was so crowded, as always.  So when the priest invited all children to the front for his sermon, we couldn't even see our free-spirited Molly.  At times, I'd see her head pop up and notice a little grin on her face (they were supposed to be sitting quietly and still, listening to the sermon).  I heard some chuckling amongst the congregation, but couldn't relate.  It wasn't until after mass that we learned of Molly sneaking around the alter, around the organ.  Obviously not following the rules, not sitting quietly, not sitting at all!  I whispered to Jesse-  "that's your little free spirit". 
 I think its amazing to watch the soul inside your own children.  Though I see her each and every day, it's still humbling to see her reaction to a crowd.  And I realize that I love the brave girl she's becoming, but mostly:  she is her father.  Through and through.  :)

We're still hanging out in Santa jams, playing Christmas carols, and eating the last of the cookies this week.  It's so nice to be home for the Holidays.

I hope your Christmas Season is as beautiful as ever!

Merry Christmas.