Sunday, May 4

Our Water Park Weekend

I'm so behind in photos!  And honestly, this whole spring is behind.  It's still barely 50 degrees in PA, we're only seeing the first flowers bloom and trees blossom, yet we're desperate to get outside.  Cabin fever to the max over here, seriously.  So why I'm behind in photos and blogging, I'll never know?

We had the best weekend, well it was last weekend, but it was so great.  We met some friends in the Poconos at The Great Wolf Lodge- a super child friendly resort and indoor water park (ideal from ages 2-8, in my opinion).  It was only three days, but we enjoyed it so, so much.  I don't think these pictures can do it justice.  We seriously had the best time.  In fact, I spent almost 2 of the 3 hour drive home in tears, honestly.  My husband thinks I'm losing it.  But I miss my friends, and and I miss warm weather, and I needed a break from work.  So it was a perfect getaway, and I was so sad to see it end.

Molly was brave as ever, and so determined to make as many trips down the slides as her little body could handle.  I tried to catch her smiles, but mostly, that girl had a look of determination.  Running from slide to slide.  And she was so happy to have her buddy, Jamie, alongside her.   I couldn't leave out the behind shot of that little girl and her Daddy, either- seriously, those little cheeks?!  My heart!

This was our first time meeting little Joely, my friend's youngest.  And we loved having her around, those extra snuggles are always appreciated here!  How sweet is that girl?  And so happy, all the time.

The Great Wolf Lodge has lots of characters around the resort, and Molly was pretty hesitant most of the time.  But I caught her loving the wolf on the last day, as we awaited the opening of the water park.  She waved and stared, until he came out to see her- then she ran and hid behind me.   Some things can't be forced, we'll try him again next time ;)

I'm still missing those days of freedom, laughs and fun in the best of company.  But the memories are so worth it, even if a few tears arise when I'm looking through these photos!

We're looking forward to 60 degree temps this week, maybe I'll get back to regular blogging again then?!