Monday, December 8

Oh Christmas Tree


I have some great memories of annual Christmas Tree hunting.  I hope we'll always be able to do this as a family so Molly and Kate can have these memories, too.  It's not a big task, not a far drive, not much effort really.  But it's always so special.  When we got to the tree farm this year, Molly said "I remember this, they have a BIG bridge!"  And they do.  There's a little creek, bordering the property, so you have to cross a foot bridge to get to the trees.   That girl.  It really is the little things.

I've vowed recently to get in some more pictures, especially now that I have two girls.  Two beautiful souls to nurture.  Two self esteems to uplift.  Two wives in training.  Two mothers to be.  Being female is so wonderful, but I've felt the tough parts too.  And I hope these girls always have acceptance of the beautiful women that God made them to be.   But I realize that has to start with me.  And because I think I never look good enough to be in a picture, or my hair isn't done, or I'm too sleep deprived, I haven't lost the baby weight yet.  There's always something.

But I want to capture now.  The sleepless nights painted on my face.  The baby weight left on my midsection and thighs.  The hair that never was done.   Because I'm home with them these days.  And these really are the good ones.  All too soon, I'll be back to work and long for these days. 

So you'll be seeing some more of me around here :)

Let's hope the Christmas Season is beautiful and slow.