Saturday, January 4

Embracing the Snow

A glimpse of our new year's day- spent outside, despite the freezing temperature.  A mere hour outdoors can really uplift the spirits, I tell you!

These photos are my sister and nephew, my husband and daughter enjoy the ride down a hill behind our home.

We spent the rest of the day helping (I use the term very, very loosely) Daddy do some chores on the farm.  Molly and I rather skipped around visiting with the cows.  I'm hoping to bring the farm around here more often.  Not only because I need to start taking my camera there more, but because I want to share the beauty of that place.  And you don't even have to experience its scent ;)

That first farm shot was at dusk- that's Bulldozer, the trusty farm dog.  And those cows are freshly milked and headed out of the milking barn into the next barn in search of dinner.  I love this shot.  It's completely unstaged- Molly wanted to see the cows and that farm dog is always there, protecting his cows and his family. 

The next images are "young stock" - no longer bottle fed calves, but not quite ready for breeding.  And some are steers - I'll save the details of their purpose.  
It's the life of the farm, and there is so much to learn out here.

I'm thinking of keeping this part of our family a regular addition around here.  After all, cows are so curious.  And that makes the be best subjects for photography.   A single snap of the camera and more come, staring (hence the progression of those photos).

Have a wonderful weekend!
We're just grateful to be in the 'teens around here, brrrr.



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