Monday, January 6

A Slow First Weekend of 2014

It seems like we are too busy around Christmas for even a toddler to really enjoy their new treasures.  My daughter is so generously gifted, so when this weekend called for freezing temperatures and strong winds, we actually had the chance to explore some of her new gifts.  And let me tell you, she was loving all of them.  We got her a doll house this year, complete with furniture and appliances, including a bathtub and toilet.  Every doll and animal in sight has had its chance to clean up and potty this weekend.  And that potty obsession is completely our fault- a week of nothing but potty talk followed by weeks of potty praise and potty song equals one potty obsessed two year old.  It's all fun and games until she proudly proclaims "I pooped!" to Daddy as we enter the pew during the silent prayer during mass on Sunday.  Yes, that happened this week. 

We're all pleased to be learning bird sounds, well with the 200 pound gift of bird seed we received this Christmas :)  And that position above is the classic Molly pose- one thumb in her mouth, the other tangled in hair- sometimes her own, sometimes her mommy/daddy's.  

Some fresh, homemade stuffing was happily enjoyed after an afternoon of snacking on snow :)
I'm working on a recipe, but in all honesty, it's a creation as an effort to avoid waste.  I couldn't let a 2-day-old baguette go unused.  Apple stuffing, the perfect cold weather side dish.

Molly's favorite new jams, the "dorwa jams", courtesy of a dear friend, Erin, have been a must wear for the past week.  And they fit well into our lazy Sunday morning.  We decided on late mass after spending the first hour of the day playing hide-and-seek with a new gamer.  My husband's been teaching her to hide quietly for months.  Over the past few days she's decided to quietly hide- without telling anyone!  She'll disappear, and the first few times I spent several minutes frantically searching the house for her.  That's when she'd unveil herself as a large lump in our bed, or a crack in the closet door.  But that girl is quiet.  We're working on the rules of the game.  Like "you have to tell someone you want to play before you go hide".    I was looking back on pictures from last year, when she was just one and man, what a difference.  That year between a one-year-old and a two-year-old is amazing.  I'm really trying to slow down more, so I can appreciate every little quirk- and snuggle ;)

Happy Monday-I'm really dreading this week because it's the first full one in a while, and I'm stuck working the Saturday, too. 
Here's hoping we can get this tree outside without devastating the house.
Oh, and without getting frostbite.  Forecast for tomorrow: -30F.  Yikes.

Keep warm!


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