Monday, November 18

A Real Weekend

It's been well over year since I've had a job with regular weekends.  So when Friday arrived, I had weekend excitement all over again, and it was so nice.  When previously working 12 hour shifts, it was common to have two or three days off in a row during the week, but always knowing I would have a work marathon ahead of me- I'm not sure I really got to enjoy my time off, as I was hustling to accomplish my housework, cooking meals ahead of time, and always vying for extra snuggle time with Molly.  Now that I'm home each night by 5pm, I'm less hurried when I'm home.  There is less hustle to accomplish things, because I know I'll have the next evening at home, too.  My husband told me this weekend that he thinks I'm already more calm, more relaxed at home.  Again, we prayed for this job, so  I do feel like I've got an extra ounce of support these days.  Not to mention the warm, heartfelt text message I received early this morning from a friend, just to offer support- it brought tears, and at just the right time. :)

Molly and I enjoyed a quiet breakfast of baked oatmeal (it was amazing, I'll post a recipe soon) to start the weekend.  We had beautiful weather on Saturday, which kept us outside chasing kittens most of the day.  Molly just loves those kittens, and is more than distressed when they run from her.  She sneaks around saying "ca-mereeeee kitty" for hours. Seriously- hours.  And eventually those sweet kittens let her catch them- and she improperly carries them to a destination they despise- her wagon (there seems to be a theme going), her stroller, the bucket- usual toddler antics.    I am constantly on attention, similar to my lifeguarding days, safely repositioning a kitten if being held incorrectly, rescuing a kitten from her arms just before she throws it, etc.  But they keep coming back for more, I don't understand.

Jesse's right in the heart of the most taxing season in farming, so Molly and I have been keeping each other company lately.  Until yesterday, I think it's been almost a week since we've seen him at bedtime-- he works until the dew sets on the soybeans, around 2 or 3 am, and then rushes home for a few hours of sleep to start the next day all over again. The old saying "you've got to make hay while the sun's shining" still reigns, as the nice weather has allowed the majority of the soybeans to be harvested at just the right moisture level (it's actually a lot more complicated than I ever imagined).  Sunday brought rain, which isn't great for a grain harvester, but is sweet for his family :)  Molly caught up on snuggles, and during her nap, I stole his attention for a DIY Advent Calendar- tutorial coming!  It's a take on the one in Pottery Barn magazine this month, for like 99% less cost. Think old plywood and burlap pockets.

Monday's here, and we're ready for the week.
Can you believe how close we are to Thanksgiving?!  Crazy.

Have a great week!


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