Sunday, September 15


I love the idea of blogging so much, but to be quite honest, I just can't seem to find my niche.  I think of using this space as more of a scrapbook, because my scrapbooking skills have diminished since high school (significantly).  I am going to, rather, use this space to document the rapid growth of my little one, a few projects at home, maybe some recipes and just some ideas. So here's an update on my two year old! 

But first: I'm working on my iphone photog, and I just can't get enough!
For instance, I can document my excitement for this deal of the year- a pair of emerald green flats for $1! Seriously, found these at Walmart yesterday.

And onto my Molly, whose live language=food. 

We got this while visiting Daddy on the farm- and here he is, driving to his tractor on a go cart, along with the trusty farm dog, Bulldozer. 

I caught this while driving, pardon the quality.  But check out that land- this is the dairy farm on which my husband was born and raised.  This land speaks to him, it's in him. I'll plan an entire farm post soon.

Buy for now, back to life with a two year old- complete with a 2year well visit.

Doesn't she look so well behaved here?! Well, don't fret- her true two year old form appeared seconds after, as the provider came into the room. Molly insisted "I havva go potty mummy" endlessly until I took her. Of course, she didnt pee but tried to wash her hands in the public toilet. We returned to the exam room just in time for a true tantrum. The diagnosis: a perfectly normal two year old!

She's lucky she's cute!

And a snippet from her birthday party, I don't know a time she was happier :)

(See?! She's participating in one of the games graciously planned by my sister)

Like potato sack racing!

But mostly, the child just enjoyed the fresh buttercream- but who can blame her?!

Here she is, enjoying a bowl of buttercream while my sister decorates cupcakes! Mmm

Happy 2nd birthday, my Molly.  I hope two is the best year yet ;)




  1. What a wonderful birthday weekend. The farm looks lovely.

    1. Leelee-
      Thank you! We sometimes wonder our lives in the city, but we relish in the joy of the country!