Thursday, August 22

The Garden

The garden, this year.  First of all, I should mention that I married a farmer.  We really don't have an excuse not to have a good garden.  But then, I must mention that we live in Pennsylvania- I have an excuse.  Have you witnessed this summer weather?!  Sheesh. All things aside, I'll say it's a keeper (minus the zucchini, which I keep tossing for unknown reasons).

I love seeing it come to life!  We patiently wait for vegetables a plenty.  Days spent scouring the garden in search of a ripe vegetable...

And the moment we find it-- gone.

By this little snake.

But then nap time comes, and I manage to gather a beautiful collection.  This time of year is by far my favorite- dinner becomes a secondary plan based on the day's garden variety.
This day:  tomato sauce and pasta.

And this: summer corn and zucchini soup.

Another pasta dish, and a nice summer white- courtesy of Dave Matthews.  Apparently he started making wine.  It was a nice crisp white wine, too- perfect for a summer day.

More on the garden and some recipes, until next nap time!
Happy summer, let's savor these last days.
And enjoy the bounty of the garden.


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