Monday, September 16

Fall decor


If I could share the look of pride/excitement/disbelief on my husband's face when I asked his permission to use his deer antlers for shelf decoration, hah!  It was good.  He loved it.  And he keeps reminding me that his amazing hunting abilities have created such perfect fall decor.  

I'll take it, though.  Because I kind of like the antlers!  I don't try to overdo any seasonal decorating around here, but since we do love the fall, it's nice to add some leaves and antlers, pumpkins and corn stalks to get us excited for the change in seasons.  


Here's a close up of the deer antler amid the wine shelf- they have been bleached and cleaned, don't worry!

There's still a bottle of wine from our honeymoon to Napa Valley, California on this shelf- it's a little over 3 years old now, but we just haven't had the right time to enjoy it.  They say wine's better with age, right?!


I always try to enjoy this bookshelf- it's an old, old beauty.  My husband's grandparents found it during estate sale hopping, and my husband bought it as my Christmas gift last year!  It's just beautiful. 


Oh, and don't forget this adorable free printable from Jones Design Company blog- my photography skills and lack of nice camera do not do it justice- it's so sweet!  I keep moving it around my house so I can enjoy it from all different angles :)

Welcome, Autumn.
Stay as long as you'd like.



  1. I love your decorations, especially the shelf with the antlers! Very pretty! :)


    1. Leigh-
      Thank you! Those are a prize possesion around here- I'm just glad they're finally fashionably approprite to use :)