Monday, September 23


The birthday weekend has come and gone, and I'm trying to relish some joy from our memories.  It seems that each birthday is more a reminder of how behind I am on my life plan. I'm 28. Five years ago, 28 would mean a house full of babies and a career I loved.  But God's plan reigns superior.

I'm trying to make sense of it! In a nutshell, I'm a mom to 1 sweet 2 year old girl and I don't love my career. I know God has blessed us beyond measure, I just am learning to love His plan

The weekend began as I was greeted Friday evening after a 12 hour shift to some beautifully homemade cupcakes by  Molly and her babysitter. The joy and pride that tired little girl offered over those cupcakes- I hope to never forget that moment. So after sharing 2 cupcakes, Molly threw a classic 2 year old tantrum. She wanted more. It was night night time.

We traveled to a beautiful 100 year old pear tree with my mom, aunt, Molly and her cousin Quinton. After bravely scaling the limbs, we left with some gorgeous pears.  And we (Molly) made a friend with a local barn cat. That girl has country in her blood.

We spent my birthday in Pittsburgh, enjoying Molly's first zoo experience, Starbucks (birthday cake pops!), and a meet up with friends for dinner and a quick photo with the Pitt Panther- a little college reminiscing.  Molly was a trooper- although she was car sick on the way down, we are getting good at detecting it. Jesse managed to capture nearly all the vomit in an empty coffee can. Poor girl. I just can't withhold a trip to the zoo, and we are reassured when she immediately informed us "I'm okay!" That girl is rapidly leaving her baby ways. It's so bittersweet.

I had an impatient mommy moment that's really bothering me even today. After we drug her on a 2 hour car ride, she was a complete sweetheart at the zoo. We met some of my college friends for dinner after, and without a nap all day, she refused to sit and eat. I lost my patience with her in the parking garage as she tried to run wild, grabbed her arm and yelled "no Molly!", in a voice that I didn't even recognize. That girl stopped in her tracks and the tears flowed. I was too impatient, she was tired, I was too harsh. I've apologized, but I need to learn, grow from that experience. I never want her to remember me scolding her like that. I've been praying for patience all day.  

"Let everyone be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger; for the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God."  Isaiah 40:31

Here is to a week full of patience and love.



  1. My life is turning out far different than I imagined and yet it is also far better. God's ways are mysterious and yet somehow perfect.

    1. Leelee,
      Thank you, I need to hear those words! It's so uplifting! I appreciate your kindness!