Friday, September 9

Molly Lucille Vivian
7lbs 0oz, 20.5 inches
September 2, 2011 at 12:37 pm

Jesse and I are overjoyed as we welcomed our new baby girl, Molly Lucille, this past weekend.  She was about 4 weeks early, but came out perfectly healthy!  I am so thankful for this early delivery, as she was already 7lbs!  Enjoy the journey of our baby girl, who was a surprise until this past week, and believe me, we love that she's a girl (so much pink)!

Our exciting, yet scary journey began one morning in January!
12 weeks pregnant!

20 weeks!  And to think I thought I was big here...

30 weeks! wow.

And 36 weeks, just 2 days before I delivered! Still thanking God for an early delivery and 7lb baby!

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