Saturday, September 10

Baby Molly: My First Adventures and Visitors

Jen and Matt came to see me!
6 days old!
Aunt Lisa and Uncle Paul tried to help me stay awake!
3 days old!
Mommy's a little sleepy after my first night at home!
Larry, Amanda and Rylan came to see me!
Aunt Judy gave me my first binki at 6 days, and I loved it!  I'm a fan of sucking.                                                                3 days old, thanks for the fun bow, Aunt Renee!

Jon, Tami and Sophia were here from Canada and got to meet me!

Aunt Renee holding me for the first time!

Aunt Judy and Quinton with his first cousin

Nichole (Keith was here too) and Amanda came to visit!

Grandma Lori and Grandpa Skip

my first bath!

Leaving the hospital, not so sure how I feel about my carseat...

On our way home!

A very emotional Mommy as we arrive home!

Daddy loves to get me with that scratchy beard!

Chillin' in my boppy

Aunt Renee and Chris


  1. Congratulations Lisa and Jesse :) You guys will be amazing parents...she is absolutely beautiful :)

  2. I love that this was posted at 6:30am! Lol! I love her face in the pic of you at home with her (you were wearing the white tank)-- LOVE!!! Molly is just perfect!