Monday, August 11


Ahh, we love weekends.  And sometimes I feel better about Monday falling upon me if I recap our weekend.  

Our walks.   I am 25 weeks pregnant, and gaining weight like, well, a pregnant woman.  Maybe a little faster ;)  But I can still manage the energy to take a walk, and I'm grateful for a toddler who doesn't mind them too much, either.  Molly and I eagerly use the time for a nature hunt.  That girl can pick out a hawk or caterpillar faster than me sometimes!  But take a look at that tree- full of beautiful apples, already!  They're huge, like grocery store huge.  I know it's only August, but Molly and I both can't wait for apple-picking days.  

Naps.  I know I mention them often around here, because I've got an almost 3, going on 8 year old who fights her nap regularly.  But lately?  I think we're getting somewhere.  This picture was right after she lifted her head and said "mummy, I'm going to close my eyes and not cry this time".  Yes!  Sure enough, she woke up two hours later, happy as could be :)

Yard sales.  I've been waiting and asking all summer for Jesse to take a Saturday morning off to join us- I love yard sales.  Jesse thinks I'm crazy.  Molly thinks I'm a genius.  She scored a four inch baby (free! thanks to a sweet yard saling man) and a frog game ($1!).  I got the best deals, though!  Brand new baby socks for 25 cents, and get this:  2 brand new cloth diaper covers (Flip!  a $20 cover) for $2 each!  I'm still researching, but yes, I'm planning the new cloth diaper ways- Bumgenius/Flip cloth diapering.  I'll mention it again when I'm a bit more prepared, but seriously, I scored at that yard sale.  This is why we should go EVERY WEEKEND :)

Amish produce.  And before we got home, we stopped at the local Amish produce stand and got some of the nicest produce for less, even, than Aldi prices.  Seriously, what's better?  We have a garden that's just weeks behind its time due to the rainy summer.  But those Amish always manage to grow some beautiful produce.  Cantaloupe bigger than your head for $2?  Squash for 25 cents?!  We're there.

The Jesus Storybook Bible.  Seriously, the best children's Bible of all time.  Molly LOVES it.  I barely introduced it a few weeks ago, and she begs me to read it over and over.  We read Jonah and the Whale 27 times before bed last night.  I'm not sure I'm even kidding.  And she's really learning from it- she told Jesse the entire story of Jesus' birth- from the angel telling Mary she was pregnant to the 3 Wisemen.  I've never seen her catch onto something so quickly.  I'm so thankful for that book, and I'm telling you.  If you know any sweet children, get them this book.  We love it!

Homemade Waterslides.  Year #2.  My husband is such a wackadoo creative sometimes, and he's been waiting for this day all summer.  As you can see, Molly wasn't complaining much, either.  Too bad I've got a preggo belly- no sliding for me.

Blueberries.  We're in the midst of picking, and of course, we love it.  I made 10 pints of blueberry jam yesterday.  I used two different recipes, because after adding five cups of sugar to the freezer jam recipe, my teeth hurt.  So I found this recipe and added a few basil leaves while it was cooking- it's my favorite!  Not too sweet, lots of tart berry flavor, and a hint of basil.  Plus, it doesn't have the teeth-rotting amount of sugar as the freezer jam, so I won't feel guilty slathering it on Molly's toast (or mine, for that matter).

Have a great week.  I'm trying to watch my calories and carbs this week- I've got that horrible glucose test coming up :/ 

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