Monday, August 4

Our Weekend

This is how I spent the majority of this past weekend - and loved every minute.  Molly had a fever and vomiting through the night, which meant more laundry than usual, but also more couch time, naps, and snuggles.  We had plans each day, but had to cancel to nurse our girl back to health.  And that meant a lot of time at home.  Molly's feeling much better- I just checked on her around 5am and she's fever free.   I loved all the extra snuggles this weekend.

In true form, I started to feel extra huge and lazy late Saturday afternoon, so I broke out my classic go-to workout video and forced my way through the first 25 minutes (I used to finish it completely, all 45 minutes, but lately that first half has me feeling accomplished enough).  Molly found some energy and showed me how she can exercise, too.  "To keep myself in good shape for when my baby comes, too!"  In all honesty, the promise of labor is what keeps me moving.  I know I sound like a broken record, but man- I'm tired this pregnancy!

I guess we got a big gust of energy after our workout, and Daddy and Molly decided we should sneak outside during a brief moment of sunshine to find some blackberries.  Berry picking brings me back, and is really one of my favorite summer activities around here.  I can't remember a summer without gallons of huge, fresh berries and thorn cuts all over my arms and legs!   Well, as you can see, we were surprised by a summer rain shower- Daddy kept Molly dry while she ate the lone cup of berries we managed to find before the rain.  We found a patch on our way out, though- just enough for our Sunday morning pancakes ;)

Speaking of pancakes, I always have my trusty kitchen helper.  Even though she's banned from the stove side (she's still 2), she seems to keep herself busy- dressing plates of pancakes with berries and local maple syrup (caution: it's not cheap- but if you try it once, you'll never buy that corn syrup stuff again). 

The girl and her cats- they've got a real mommy/child relationship, and I think they're all quite pleased.  Despite the repeated accidental (some I question) kicks, tail grabs, neck pulls, those cats flock to her.   I'm thankful she has them, though, especially after our not-so-fortunate litter of kittens (we started with five, we buried the last one 3 days ago).  After the fourth one, I started praying for the safety of Rosie, the final kitten.  But Jesse was convinced "something wasn't right" from the beginning.  It was a lot harder than I imagined, but Molly has been right along the entire time- watching Daddy cover the little dirt hole and saying "Rosie's okay now, mummy, because she's in Heaven with her brothers and sisters".  I swear, I can learn from that girl.  Jesse and I look at each other often, and say "how did we get this lucky?!"

It's back to Monday, but I'm glad I brought my camera out this weekend.  These pictures are a sweet reminder of our weekend together, at home.

Have a great week,


  1. What a brave little Molly you have. I would be in tears if I watched my father cover up kittens that have sadly passed away. Your weekend sounds busy, but beautiful. Berry picking is a great Summer past-time and especially when you get caught in the rain, that just about completes the adventure. I don't have children yet, but at what age did you get Molly the kitties? I know I want to get my future little ones an easy pet when they are young, I just don't know at what age is it appropriate?

    Great post!

    Courtney from Barefoot in Blue Jeans

  2. for a girl I love the name aubrae pronounced awbree for a boy I like jay

  3. Thanks, Courtney!
    Molly is just like her father, and definitely more brave than me ;)
    The cats were actually a reward for potty training- at age 2! We have an outdoor barn, and they live there. But, of course, they're so friendly because a toddler has handled them since their kitten days. They're really nice to have around :)
    Thanks for stopping by!