Tuesday, July 29

Ethan's Baptism




 I'm a Godmother, again!  If I haven't said this before-  I love being an aunt.  I love having sisters who have babies.  It's really, really fun stuff.  And this weekend, I'm privileged to become my newest nephew, Ethan's, Godmother. 

And if I also haven't mentioned, our family is truly blessed with my Dad's cousin, Father David.  There's nothing like having a family member to really personalize our services, especially in light of the growing number of children!  We're always glad to come together for such a sweet occasion.

Molly, the little "mommy" herself, was in her glory on Sunday, with so many little ones to tend to.  Noah will gladly accept her hugs and kisses, and even Ethan was happy to see her.  We're just so excited for her to become a big sister.  Even now, shes asks about her baby brother or sister everyday.  And the best part- she really doesn't care either way- boy or girl.  "'How's my baby doing in there, mummy?'  Growing really big, Molly, and kicking away!  'That's good (pats my belly)- keep  growing, baby, until you're so big (sticking her belly way out) so you can come out! And I can hold you!'"   It's really fun, being her Mommy.

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