Monday, June 23

More Mollyisms

Sitting at the table, it's lunch time.  Molly, you can't leave until we're all done.  "That's not fair!" (insert pouty lip face)

(The playroom is a mess, a huge mess).  Molly- look at this mess!  Let's clean it up before we go outside.  (walks over to me and touches my belly) "how's your baby doing, mummy?!"

2 of our 3 cats are playing.  "Boots!  That's enough! I said enough!  I'm going to put you in time out..."

(Leaving a fire at a friend's).  "Mummy, I had the most fun.  That's my favorite day ever."

Daddy comes home from work, and immediately grabs Molly and starts tickling.  She laughs, but after a few minutes "Daddy, no more!  Go to the farm!" 

5 minutes later.  "Daddy, can I go to the farm with you?  I can help you feed the cows!"

I'm making dinner.  "Mummy, look at this big mess.  You better start cleaning it up right now!"

10 seconds later, pushing a chair toward the sink.  "I can help do the dishes!  Bring me the dirty ones."

Molly, how was your day at Diane's? (the babysitter).  "Well, I peed my pants."

Molly, it's time to go home (we're at her cousins' house).  "I don't want to!  I want to stay here".  Come on, Molly- you can see them again tomorrow.  "No, I'm running away.  (starts running from me)  Here I go!"  (seriously, where did she learn this?!)

Lying in bed, it's story time before bed.  My tummy growls.  "Oh, Mummy, I hear your baby in there!  It's so cute!"

Is this baby a boy or a girl, Molly?!  "A girl.  No, wait, I know its a boy!"  (every time, it's different)

I really need to keep up on these posts- a 2.5 year old has so much to say!   She seriously has us laughing countless times each day.  And even though she's a little mirror to my grumpy, impatient side some days- I still see a sweet girl blossoming more and more.    I still can't believe she's going to be a big sister!  Ahhh.

Happy Monday.



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