Tuesday, April 1

Our Weekend

 Our donut lover.  Well actually, all things sweet- cake, cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, donuts.  She's got her parent's sweet tooth.  When we make the turn into the local grocery store parking lot, she immediately asks "can I get some donuts?!"  Yikes.

Is everyone else's home invaded by ladybugs (or whatever they are)?!  We find them EVERYWHERE!  They seem to gather on the warmest window at any one time during the day, when Molly quickly runs to me saying "so many yadybugs mummy- get the vacuum!" We try to humanely move them outdoors, but most of the time I'm so frustrated that I really do just suck them up.  And my vacuum canister stinks now.  But I guess they're a sign of warmer days to come, so we'll just continue admiring them before we get them out of our house.

We got a beautiful peek of spring this weekend (before waking up to snow covered grounds the next day), and I realized that we are about to have a very different summer with Molly.  She's wild.  She chases the cats anywhere they go- no fear of the tall grass, woods, jagger bushes.  In fact, she'll even stop for a break anywhere- no fear of ticks, spiders, or other bugs!  She's got so much of her Daddy in her.  It's sweet, yet it makes me so nervous.   She will always choose the dirty job- helping Daddy clean out his truck- over helping me pick up sticks, or check for sprouted daffodils.  I think that dirt spot on her behind is there to stay ;)   But she's really the sweetest little girl.  She loves to swing ("push me high to the sky Mummy!"), chase the "kitties!" (at this moment she's saying "you get back here Boots!  Mummy, Boot's not listening to me!"), and help Daddy with everything except the fire he's always making.  "Fire too hot!"

I'm glad to end the photos with the ritual bathroom shot.  We've been spiking Molly's hair ever since it was long enough while she's getting her hair washed.  Lately, she asks to "see in the mirror"- and this is always her reaction!  So sweet, I had to share ;)

And because I'm not always happy with who I am, and how I tend to judge others before choosing to accept and love them (although that's not who I want to be), I'm choosing spring to start fresh, and always think positively and choose to be a fighter for other people.  Because if there's anything I've truly learned from my job in medicine- it's that each person you meet is fighting something.  Whether it be their own personal health condition, stress of finances, the loss of someone close to them, the critical judgement of others, the battle to find their real self- something is aching inside each person.  And I read this post at my favorite blog, and it hit me so hard.  Because she's right.  We should be fighting for mankind, not judging them.  We're all in this together, in some way or another.  We need to support each other.

Here's to a week of less judgment and more support.
And one of spring temperatures in PA!



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