Monday, March 24




In good measure, we started the weekend with a chocolate cake.  My Friday was cut short at the office, so after a quick nap, Molly and I spent the afternoon doing some housework and making dinner.  And I can never refuse her request for cake.  Plus, I'm telling you, that Perfectly Chocolate Cake on the back of the Hershey's cocoa label is foolproof.  A guaranteed winner.  Add some chocolate buttercream, and it's Friday night perfection, even if it's dotted with tiny fingerprints ;)

My husband will make a country boy out of Quinton, yet.  That boy stared at the bird book and watched the bird feeders all morning.  I'm not sure how effective those binoculars were for him, but he wouldn't stop.  He was so proud of his bird sighting.  And loved to help fill the bird feeders and water the seedlings.  It makes me smile, to think that he'll have these memories at our home of growing plants and watching wildlife.   I don't always appreciate my husbands close-to-nature upbringing, but I'm so thankful. 

And speaking of that farmer, I'm dreaming of my summer garden.  And it was 32 degrees today.  But I do have some great plans, so when the weather does finally warm up here, we'll be ready.  And we'll have some hardy seedlings.   But for now, I'm thankful for Aldi's inexpensive produce.  I spend grocery day prepping endless produce, and it's oh-so worth it during the week.  My family can make it through 2 packages of strawberries in a day!

We had a slow Sunday morning, complete with a proper Sunday breakfast.  Even though I spend so much time thinking of weekend plans, we really appreciate a quiet day a home- together.  It's something that doesn't always come easy, but I'm learning to love the day without an agenda.  Because our culture is so hurried and busy, and I can't imagine raising a toddler in that way.  I love to watch her play, and read, and help with the dishes.  The farm life is a good agenda for the weekend- as my husband says, we've got all day to finish the chores.

So we're back to the Monday grind, but excited for our Molly/Mommy Wednesday!
Have a great week!


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