Friday, February 7

Wednesdays at Home

Our day at home was really not that exciting.  Other than our attempt to pick up Jesse's truck at the repair shop which led to spending the next 30 minutes stuck about 100 feet from our house, we really had a rather boring day.  And you know what?  It was wonderful.

As I've mentioned here in the past, I've been working with my current job to find a way to be home with Molly a little more each week.  And after some schedule rearranging, I've managed to work a few hours on two different Saturday's each month and extend my working days slightly in order to gain each Wednesday at home.  What a perfect day, too.  It's the best mid-week catch up, for all of us.  Molly's the best napper here at home, and the worst at her babysitter's house.  So we catch up on a good nap.  And some of our favorite books and songs.  We color a beautiful picture depicting what our yard will look like in a few short months.  We traced an idea of our garden layout.  Made a yummy homemade soup and cookies.  Enjoyed our time together.

And I know that I'm appreciating a day at home more than I would if I didn't work outside of the home.  I need to realize the good in my life, and always try to be thankful.  So here are some of the reasons I'm thankful today:

- The look on her face when I tell her "Mommy's home today!", and her response (with a big grin and loving hug) "Mummy no work today!"
- A quiet snowfall outside
- A handy, adventurous husband who gets us stuck in the driveway, then gets us unstuck.
- Washable crayons ;)
- The excitement and anticipation of warmer weather (our drawing was titled "Molly's yard in summer")
- A hot pot of soup on the stove.
- The sweet sound of a toddler sucking her thumb (I know it's not going to last forever).

Happy Friday.
Here's to another enjoyable, media-free weekend over here!



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