Friday, January 10

Winter Days

There is something really special about a baby's hands.  I don't think I can explain it, exactly.  I just know that those hands are about to grow and change so fast.  And they won't always be the sweet chubby ones they are now.  So I try to capture them, so I might not forget them exactly as they are now, at just two years old.

I'm more thankful than ever to have discovered markers that only color on their respective paper.  Genius.  
That means they won't leave a trail along the wall, won't change the baby doll's face to purple, or fill the cracks of the floor with an orange glow.  Of course I intend to reintroduce the real marker again one day, just not this year ;)

I caught this sweet chickadee on a bet.  From my husband.  He told me that just because it was -13 degrees, the bird wouldn't come near that bird feeder if I was standing so close.  Not if I become one with nature!  His response?  "You'll never be able to stand still- it's freezing out here".  I've always held satisfaction in success.
But my fingers were numb for the next half hour.
And then I felt a burning sensation for half the day.
But that chickadee- he didn't even know I was there.

This guy is here daily, to catch the scraps the birds drop.  And of course, the compost from the kitchen.  I tried to get him in action tipping the bird feeder, but he wasn't too aggressive today.  
He's quickly dropped down on my list, though, after watching him bully the other spike that frequents our yard.  No kidding- I watched him push his nose into the other deer's neck until he ran away.  It makes me realize that even animals can be hurtful when they don't want to share.  A good lesson for our Molly, as we watch these deer nightly.  We don't want to be the mean deer, pushing the other deer around.  We'd rather just share the food, and eat next to each other.  Because it's nice to have the company of friends :)

Happy Weekend!
We're ecstatic to see temperatures rise near 50 degrees!



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