Monday, January 27

Our Weekend

The Polar Vortex is here to stay for a while, apparently.  I can't remember temperatures below zero on this many occasions during the winter- ever.   Temperatures of 4degrees are severely limiting our outdoor play this winter.  (Although they seem to be increasing the indoor time- including record breaking time holding a toddler under a blanket!)

We had our nephew this weekend for a sleepover.  This 4-year-old is well versed in spending the night at Nee Nee's, but I was a little worried about him staying here.  But that boy knows his bed in our house, and is seriously the best sleeper ever.  He told me when he was tired, climbed in bed and the snoring commenced. Makes me wonder where we went wrong with our little sleeper?  Is it just the difference in personality? Hmm.  Molly, at age 2.5 still wants rocked to sleep (not that I argue), and cries many nights when I put her down, requiring me to pat her back until she's asleep.  It doesn't feel like a big deal, those 20 minutes, until I have Quinton here.  That boy loves to sleep. 

Either way, these two played so well together, and loved having each other's company.  This weekend also really opened my eyes to the maturing that my Molly has done over the past few months.  Don't get me wrong, she's still able to throw quite the tantrum and doesn't always want to share, but she's starting to consider other's feelings.  And she loves having her cousin here to play.  That girl is going to be a great big sister one day ;)

My husband starting grabbing my camera sometimes, as an attempt to include me in more pictures, and I was so proud of this moment.  I didn't think of getting this shot, but I love it so much. It's so real- Quinton grabbed this book and they crawled up beside me to read it.  And after reading it for the 10th time, they basically had it memorized, when this photo was taken.  We were really enjoying this time together, and I'm so glad I'll have this photo.  This book and this book, you guys, I'm not kidding- every kid LOVES them.  Can't get enough.  They're really interactive and just so cute.

And lastly, that meal fit for the carb lover in all of us.  Lasagna and honey whole wheat bread.  A perfect ending to a weekend day.  Especially a weekend day during the Polar Vortex.  Seriously- these kids' faces tell it perfectly.  That wind was COLD.

So we're back to bundling up this week, I think it's supposed to be -7 tomorrow?
Spring, hurry up!
We're excitedly awaiting my sister's baby shower this weekend, and I really hope it's at least 10 degrees? Sheesh.



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  1. That lasagna looks sooooo delicious and pairs perfectly with the weather lately!
    The polar vortex didn't bring temps as low as yours, but it did bring us a little snow and the kids had fun playing in it. ;)

    Here's to a great weekend! -Liz