Friday, November 1


TGIF. Right?!

It's the first day of November, a Friday, also a payday. But this day has been so emotional for me- because it's also my oldest sister's birthday, and my older sister's 18 week ultrasound.  And, I just received some awesome health news of a productive cancer treatment on a friend. And Molly is potty training day 4- and a total champion. And I'm stuck working a 12 hour shift today. phew.

All of these things for which I've been praying like crazy, and all just beautiful testimonies of God's grace, but all in one day?! Seriously, I was breaking down in front of patient's today discussing the simplest things. I'm so emotional, so just completely overwhelmed with joy and pride and love.

So my newly devoping niece or nephew is coming along nicely: how adorable, no?! I've been saying girl all along, but doesn't this baby look like a sweet little boy?! 

I seriously love him already!  Well, I guess we will know for sure tomorrow ;)

I was really having a tough time with my parenting, and really feeling like I just didn't get it. I felt like I was failing at my "mummy" duties- I seriously was clueless on the pottying of a 2 year old! And though we had some major "accidents" (and some that I seriously thought were "on purposes"), my two year old is getting it. She's catching on. And I honestly don't know if I've ever been so proud of anything in my entire life. Or so ashamed for being so selfish. I was frustrated and confused and worrying about me. Then when I knelt to her level, it just clicked for both of us.  I asked her what we should do about her diapers- she looked at me and said "I give them to Noah (her 1 year old cousin)?!"  So we packed them up and sent them off, and she started peering in the potty.  That easy. I should have believed in her at first.  She amazed me.  It feels like the love I've known for her is seriously multiplying as she's growing up, before my eyes. It's just so beautiful. This morning, she woke up dry in her "big girl undies", and after I hugged and kissed her and praised her continuously, she looked at me and said "mummy, you so happy". And I am. I'm just so happy.

This weekend is about to tip the emotional scale, as we head to Pittsburgh tomorrow to celebrate my sister's new baby at her Gender Reveal Party! It's going to be amazing and wonderful, and they'll be cake, so Molly is all in ;)

And we'll celebrate my oldest sister's birthday and be thankful for our health, our family, and another year. 

Because seriously, God is good.

And so are weekends ;)


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