Thursday, November 7

My Aunt Duty

When my first nephew was born, my sister gifted me a picture frame which read "Aunt: like Mom, only cooler".  I still have that frame, but now it holds a few more kids faces.  I love my aunt duty more than I could have imagined.  Obviously, my Mommy job is awesome, but my sister's children mean the world to me, too. 

I thought about this post yesterday, when I was on my way to pick up my sister's oldest son, Quinton, from his daycare.   My sister had a minor surgery, and though I was making them dinner, I wanted to help ease her recovery time by watching one of her boys.  It's so natural for my Molly and I to walk into that daycare just to pick up one of my nephews.  And their face when they see us--seriously, my heart.  And they pile into my car and home with me without even a question.  I love that. 

As their aunt, I want to be a memory of warmth and security.  Of smiles and fun.  Of stability.
Because they are so much good for me, I want to be good for them.  They offer so much to my Molly, still an only child, because they're more than just cousins-- they're friends.  That bond will forever be there, because they're family, but I pray that it won't be forced, because they're friends, too. 

I enjoy my time and relationship with my niece and nephews more than I realized, and I just hope to always let them know how much they mean to me.  Especially with another nephew on the way, my heart's already making room for that sweet boy, and I hope he'll always remember his aunt full of love and warmth.  Because everytime I think of them, my heart is just full :)

See those sweet faces?
I'm not kidding, they're just the best.

I thank God for this Aunt duty, it's pretty awesome.



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