Monday, October 14

Our Weekend

Saturday was the perfect day for the local Pumpkin Fest, complete with great company and apple cider.  My older sister is expecting her first baby at the end of March, and made the two hour drive home for the weekend.  She's preparing a gender-reveal party, and I am so excited!  I've caught some really cute ideas on pinterest in the past, but I've not participated in one.  She is planning the cake cutting reveal- the ultrasound tech will write boy or girl on paper, seal in an envelope, and my sister will take it to a baker who will fill a cake with either pink or blue icing, covering the cake with neutral icing.  First slice= big reveal!  We can't wait.  She's just under 3 weeks from her ultrasound! We're thinking girl!  I'm sad to admit, I don't have a single belly photo- but she's not really in the show-off-my-belly phase, at least not for the classic profile photo.  Keep growing that baby, Renee- I'll catch a profile picture soon!  And oh, how that thought makes my own uterus ache ;)

Molly had her own rules with the pumpkin bowling game- no one was injured, thankfully.  Of course, she enjoyed running throughout the pumpkin patch more than anything!  That girl has endless energy.  One of my forever friends, Erin, was home visiting from Washington, D.C. this weekend as well.  Unfortunately, she has been adding #furloughactivities to her instragram feed lately, but we were glad to have a reason to see her!  Erin and her boyfriend, Tim, joined us for dinner (and cleanup!), football, and that girl even brought us cupcakes to celebrate her birthday (she sure knows the way to Molly's heart)!  And after some quality time practicing forward rolls, Erin even revamped my knitting skills and started an infinity scarf for Molly.  I forgot how much I enjoy knitting, as I spent some of Molly's nap time working on that scarf.  It's the perfect rainy day/cold weather activity. We're always so glad to see you, Erin and Tim! :)

I make a conscious effort to include physical activity most days, but I've really been neglecting the jog.  I tend to enjoy walking with Molly in the stroller most days.  But as the rain was letting up during Molly's nap time Sunday, I couldn't resist a quick run.  We are so fortunate to live about 2 miles from my parent's house, and as my sister was still in town, it was the perfect run.  I underestimate the physical and mental enjoyment from a run.  I'm going to try to make time for more running.

The season change is the perfect reason for some new, dark nail polish.  As we were working on potty training, it was the chance to touch up those toenails!  I'm constantly amazed at the changes a toddler makes in even a few short months.  During the summer, I had to paint Molly's toenails during her nap, because she refused to sit still long even to have them painted, and couldn't refrain from touching the wet paint.  This weekend, I explained not to touch them, and she didn't!  That simple!  I'm really beginning to love this age :)

And, of course, lawns are full of leaf piles.  I didn't even have to instruct the jumping.  As soon as the leaves began forming somewhat of a pile, she was running and diving into them!  I love watching her deep in play- it's such a healthy, wholesome act.  The mind of a child is so refreshing.  And I need the reminder to take things a little less serious some days.  To live and be in the moment.  It's something children do so well, and likely a large reason why they are so happy, genuinely happy.  So that's my goal for this week: to live and be in the moment, especially when with my. No thinking ahead of lists and chores and deadlines- just in the moment. 

Have a great week, 



  1. sounds like such a good weekend. beautiful pics. I`m also so much into dark nail colors back these days, and the painted nails and chubby feet, so very adorable! my girl also had her first painted finger nails, (just two) these days and I was so amazed how quiet she suddenly can keep, so much fun! stopping by from "our weekend" link up, noni

    1. I know, those chubby feet get me every time! Thanks!!